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Tanaka, Yasuyuki
Thank you for allowing us to know about the great life of Mahatma Gandhi, who gave us courage and love to live in this world. Now is the time for us to understand the value of non-violence and civil disobedience. We have to live peacefully with everyone believing that we shall see the day when all cruelty and violence will disappear from this world.
narsi aisola
Great site...Keep up the good work. seeker_after_Truth
Naveen Chandra
it is nice to see such a great information you have kept in the website. Keep it up.
prakash Deshkar
Good job done. We need to follow the Gandhiji's principle in this new age of open policy era. I have initiated steps towards this. I hope I will be successful!
Arun Kumar
vande mataram
Durai Raj
Excellent piece of art and culture mixed with the real life that still exist in human beings. My heartly thanks to Meenakshi, who introduced this site to me and explained me about the culture that still exist in India. I am happy to visit all the remarkable places and infact the people who worked in this site too. This site will help me to explain to my buddies in america about thee great legend -raj
This is truly a praisable precious little site a tribute to mahatma in spreading his words and ideals.
rashmin shah
You are doing excilent job. being a indian i am proud of you....hates of.
this a very Excellent Site done by you & best wishes in further prospects of this website. by rajendra
Manoj Kumar
You Have done a greate job. There was not a single site with this much huge information about our father of Nation. In this kaliyug one should always practice Bapuji's 'Marg' of 'Ahimsa ' and 'Satya'. Manoj

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