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  Eleven Vows

Control of the palate

Control of the palate is closely related to Brahmacharya. It helps the practice of Brahmacharya. It sounds easy but it is, in fact, very difficult. It will eventually help control of all the senses.

It implies that we should correctly find out the real needs of the body and provide for them. Body should be kept a fit instrument for service. Right type of food should be taken in right quantity, irrespective of taste. The food should be taken with contentment. It should be balanced. Control of the palate thus implies food reform. Indulgence should be avoided as it leads to ill health, weakness and dullness of mental and physical faculties. Thereby the man loses control over himself. He becomes a slave of his lower impulses.

Wrong ideas and ignorant affection of the parents result in perversion of children?s tastes. Indulgence of palate leads to possessions. Lot of time, energy and wealth are wasted for pampering the palate. Control of the palate implies that they will then be available for higher purposes. This vow also implies simplicity and alertness in everyday life.

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