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  28 Pillars

Pillar 15 to 20

15. Charkha and Non-Violence

I want the non-violence which can be observed by crores of people. That is in the Charkha (a spinning wheel).

The Charkha has in it ethics, economics and non-violence.

When I have a ‘Darshan’ (holy view) of non-violence,I see nothing but a Charkha before me. My Ram dances in hand-spun-woven cotton.

The Charkha is a symbol of non-violence, and ultimately non-violence triumphs.

I got all-power from the Charkha. As the law of the animal life is violence,so is the law of the life human is non-violence.

Love is the basic condition of non-violence, and pure,selfless love is not possible without the spotless purity of mind and body.

16. Humility

O,Namra Shiromani, abiding in the cottage of the poor.

Thou Helpest us in finding thee at all the places in this country watered by the Ganges,the Brahmaputra and the Yamuna.

Givest us the strength to receive, a free and frank heart, the strength and eagerness to the people of Hindustan to be one.

O Lord ! When man becomes all humble and comes to thy shelter,thou helpest, gives us strength so that we may not be separated from those whom we want
to serve,being their servants and friends, makes us very idols of humility and worth giving self-sacrifice and virtuous, so that we may know this country
more and love her more.

17. Our Duties towards civilization

Duties and observing what is moral means to control one’s mind and organs. By doing this we know ourselves. This is improvement of civilization.
What is against this is worsening or uncivilization (barbarism).

If there is no harmony between means and end, it is a big error.To worship a demon and expect a divine fruit, it is impossible.

You may call this (divine) strength the strength of love, soul or truth.This strength is everlasting. Unity is the panacea of all diseases.

Do as much as possible manually. The real happiness and peace lies in manual works.

18. Untruth - The path of destruction

Even a little untruth destroys a man, just as a drop of poison does to milk.

The sea is a mass of drops. In the same way we can be a sea of friendship by being friendly to all, and if all in this world live in friendship, the
form and the shape of the world will change.

One who thinks of only the unhappy, will never think of himself. Where is that much time for him ?

It is God’s promise --" I am today, I was yesterday and I will be tomorrow. I am omnipresent. I dwell in all."

Even having known this we go away from God. We seek the shelter of what is transient and imperfect and become unhappy.

What is more surprising than this ?

19. Enjoy by giving up

This is an eternal promise (truth).

We have to change our imagination (actually ‘illusion’). The family, wealth and body remain the same and misery does not come at all.

That is why the Upnishadkar (the author of the Upnishad-highly valuable philosophical volume of Hinduism’) has said enjoy by living.

The meaning is that we can easily triumph over fear, achieve peace and have a ‘darshan’ of Satyanarayan (Truth-that is God).

20. Shunyataa ( Vacuity )

If the sense of complete blankness comes, we become perfect.

The meaning of vacuity is to mix and be one with Paramatma (the Soul Supreme) and not to be aloof.

A drop of sea enjoys the importance of sea but it has no knowing of it.As soon as it thinks of being separate from the sea and begins
to believe it to be something, it will perish.

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