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  28 Pillars

Pillar 4 to 9

4. Truth is God

God has many names but if we find one, it is ‘Satya’ or truth - Truth is God. The knowledge that keeps us away from Truth is in vain. Let us respect other
religions just as we respect our own.Only tolerance is not enough. The true bliss does not come from outside, it comes from within.
5. Asteya ( Not to Steal )

Asteya means not to steal. That a thief knows truth and observes religion of love is impossible. To take a thing which is not necessary from it's possessor-even with his permission is a theft. One who observes ‘asteya’ has to be very humble, thoughtful and alert and has to live very simply.

6. Brahmacharya ( Celibacy )

If a man dedicated to truth craves for any other thing, he becomes corrupted. Celibacy means the search for trut and the action related to it. The suppression of lust itself is celibacy. So far, we have seen no example of anyone who has achieved truth through indulgence in luxuries.
7. The Hidden Force

So many people of the world still say that the structure of the world is not based on the power of weapon, structure of the world is based on the power of weapon, but on truth, compassion or the force of soul. Even despite the great wars and battles the world has survived. This is a great historical
proof of this reality. It means there is some force other than a war which stands as a support.
8. One People (One Nationalism )

The nation which wants to utilize the self-rule cannot hate its leaders and elders.
Only the people of mature intelligence can enjoy the self-rule, not the shallow-minded or the hasty.
9. Humility and Service

Where is a moment of rest for the sea ? The same thing applies to us.When we mix into the sea of divinity, the rest goes, even the necessity of the rest goes.That is the real rest. So the divinity expects from us a service to every living being and all sacrifice from our side.Having retired in every way, we have neither a day nor Friday or Sunday for that matter. One who has sacrificed all has experienced this.

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