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  28 Pillars

Pillar 3

3. Vaishnavajana ( The man of God )

Gandhiji’s favourite Bhajan - A devotional song written by Narsi Mehta, a great saint-poet of Gujarat.

The Man of God is he,
Who feels others’ plight,
Who is altruist but not proud,
Who bows to all the world,
Who does not indulge in criticising others,
Who keeps speech, sexual desires and mind in control,
Blessed is the mother who gives birth to such a man.
The man of God is he,
In whose eyes all are equal,
Who renounces lust,
To whom any lady (other than wife) is mother
On whose tongue there is no lie,
Who does not touch others’ wealth,
To whom lust of wealth does not appeal,
In whose mind there is total renunciation,
Who is identified with Ramnam, (Utterance of the world Ram)
In whose body all the places of pilgrimage are contained,
Who is free from greed and cunningness,
Who has avoided sexual desires and anger,

He is the man, says Narsi Mehta, whose ‘Darshan’ (Holy sight) brings off salvation of his seventy one generations.

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