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  Eleven Vows


A truthful and non-violent man cannot steal anything. Non-stealing does not
just mean not stealing something from somebody. It also includes taking something which we do not need, taking something which does not belong to us. It also means that we should not desire others? possessions.

We should take from the society what we really need and take that in the necessary quantity only. People do not follow this. Hence there is poverty, inequality and conflict. The principle of non-stealing naturally implies simplicity and elimination of superfluous wants. These wants should be given up mentally also. We should not be anxious about the future. Such an anxiety leads to ?Stealing?.

Enjoying or consuming anything without doing productive labour is theft. Non-stealing implies that we should do productive labour.

We should not take credit for other?s ideas, that is, we should not ?steal? thoughts also. We should avoid secrecy.

Practice of non-stealing requires alertness, thoughtfulness, humility and sincerity.

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