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  Eleven Vows

Removal of untouchability

This is a novel vow added by Gandhiji to the traditional vows. Gandhiji
considered untouchability as a blot on Hinduism. Untouchability means pollution by the touch of certain persons by reason of their birth in a particular community. It was an evil practice. It had greatly harmed the Indian society. It was surely one of the main reasons for its weakness and slavery. It is against Truth and non-violence and therefore against true religion. All are sons of the same God. All life is one. Considering some human beings as untouchables and oppressing them is senseless. It is sinful. This practice degrades its practitioners as well as victims. It is against reason, moral sense and spiritual experience. Hence Gandhiji rejected it.

Cleanliness is good, but it should not be carried to absurd lengths. The evil of untouchability has affected many area of life. It should be rooted out from all of them.

This vow implies that we should work for removing this practice from the society. Barriers between man and man should be broken down. Touch does not defile. It is rather an expression of love. Removal of untouchability means love for the whole world. It is an operational aspect of non-violence. It will remove a gross injustice and lead to social cohesion.

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