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  28 Pillars

Pillar 10 to 14

10. The Knowledge

One who fills his brain with meaningless things is an illegal possessor. The thoughts that keep us aloof from God or takes us away from Him are an
unwanted possession and so it is worth being given up. Today, we store up so many things in the name of knowledge. That is not knowledge but ignorance,
and instead of being advantageous, it is harmful.
11. Sarva Dharma Samabhaav

If we believe in all religions, there is no need to treat any religion as high or low. Where, then, is the need of more religions ?
Soul is one but human bodies are uncountable. The root of religions is one, just as the root of a tree, but the leaves are uncountable
12. Know your Self

Nothing is possible without toiling or penance. How is self-finding possible ? The thing gained out of fear lasts so long as there is fear before.
One who is clean from inside cannot be unclean from outside
13. Abolishment of Untouchability

The custom of untouchability is not a religion but obscurantism. If soul is one and God is one, no one is untouchable. To shun the difference between man and man itself is equal to leaving the sense of touchable and untouchable.

The difference of caste has done a great harm to the Hindu religion.The sense of high and low underlying there is fatal to the religion. The action without any expectation of fruits is a source of strength because the action without any expectation is devotion to God.The work coming out from a pure heart is never fruitless. The man who cannot control himself, can never control others in a real sense.

From moment to moment I feel that ‘Maun’ (silence) is the best speech.If you want to speak, speak as little as possible. If one word is enough, do
not use two. The mankind is tested in the society itself,not on the top of the Himaalay.

14. God's Place

To be the law-observing people, truly means that we are a people having an urge for truth but the training to follow the laws that we do not like
is a disdain to manhood, against the religion and a limit of slavery.

The man who knows his human element and is afraid of God has no fear from others.

One who has lost the element of self has lost everything.

Listen to the speech of saints, read shastra(religious scriptures),be learned-but if you do not give a place to God in your heart, you have done nothing.

The matter of surprise is that a Vaidya (A physician practicing the Ayurvedic System of Medicines) dies, a doctor dies and even then we roam after them but we forget Ram who never dies, lives for ever and is an unflinched Vaidya.

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