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  Eleven Vows


Necessity of fearlessness is accepted by all. Man cannot do anything worthwhile without fearlessness. It is necessary for the practice of non-violence and all the other vows. One cannot gain true knowledge without fearlessness. Cowards cannot have morality.

Fearlessness means freedom from all sorts of fear - fear of disease, injury and death, of dispossession, of public criticism etc. fear is born out of ignorance and attachment. One has really nothing in the world to fear about. Fear stops man?s growth. One becomes fearless when one understands the power of the soul, when one understands that life is one. Fearlessness is conducive to self-respect and confidence. Violence implies fear. A fearless man would therefore be non-violent.

Fearlessness also means that nobody should be afraid of us. We should give love and receive love. This is possible when all fear is shed.

On his return to India, Gandhiji found India crippled by fear. Hence she was slave. This vow was meant to change this situation.

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