This Website is Dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi - The Father of Our Great Nation Bharat.   

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 About us


It gives us a great pleasure to bring to you the website dedicated to our Mahatma, the Apostle of Peace and Non-Violence, on Gandhi Jayanti Oct.2, 2001

Our mission is to promote Gandhian thoughts and principles of Truth and Non-violence for the world peace. This modern world needs no more destructive weapons. Instead, it is craving for people like Gandhiji, who will lead the path of Non-violence to bring peace to the world.

Nodefect Team is dedicated to bringing you the wisdom of Vedic Bharat through its website, and to the Gandhian times through this website Indians will remember Gandhiji for bringing them freedom from the Britishers. The world will remember him for showing humanity
that the truth of peaceful living is rooted inside the ancient Vedic principle of non-violence. The entire world is like a family and we must all learn to live peacefully regardless of who we are. That is the simple yet Universal Truth that Gandhiji has revealed to us ! Out of humility, he said " I have nothing new to teach to the world, Truth and Non-violence are as old as the hills" ! He was once asked by a reporter "Bapu, give me your message for the people". Bapu hastily uttered from a moving train " My Life is My Message".

This website mirrors Bapu's life and message. The only difference is that here its not just one reporter but the entire world is our audience. For world peace, we are doing our part as the citizen of Mother India, and we urge you to do your part after reading this message. Unity will bring Peace on Earth and that is our message to you from Nodefect family to your family.


My heartfelt thanks to the entire Nodefect team who have created and designed this site with love and devotion is unforgettable. I am proud to have such a great team of people. The same team who created has done it again ! The praise and appreciation of their devotion to this cause will soon mirror in Bapu's Guest Book.

My Special Thanks:

I thank all the people, authors, and publishers who have helped us in providing the content for this site. The help provided by Kirti Mandir staff at my home town Sudamapur (now known as Porbandar) has made this site turn into a reality. The pictures of Kirti Mandir are the most recent ones that I took last year. And last but not the least, I want to thank my parents Shri Jagdev & Smt. Vasumati. They showed me the basics of life that this world is a drama, you do your part and others will do theirs ! Their simple lesson has given me full happiness in my life without a trace of sorrow .

Now I see good in every happening. My deepest gratitude goes to my grandparents, late Shri Harji and late Smt. Jiviben for nurturing me with Gandhian thoughts during my early life. They showed me what caring for poor people means to the soul ! Also, thanks to my wife and kids for putting up with me with endless sleepless nights while creating and, and ofcourse to my entire Gohil family in Porbandar, India and in USA for supporting me in this unselfish endeavor.

My thanks to the late Shri Nanjibhai Kalidas Mehta for buiding the magnificent Gandhi memorial (Kirti Mandir) , and his family's unconditional support in maintaining this memorial since the past 51 years. Also, special thanks to Kirti Mandir Sanchalan Committee of Gujarat State for allowing the spirit of Gandhian love flow through the walls of this great monument.

This site is dedicated to our Gandhi Bapu, but I also want to take one step further and dedicate this site to the Godly people who Bapu lovingly called Harijans or the Dalits. Let us change ourselves and make Bapu proud of all of us by removing untouchability from the face of our Mother Earth.

We all know what it feels like to live in a discriminatory world. Let us not forget , we are all Godly people of the sacred nation Bharat.

Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram.. Patit Paavan Sitaram...

Peace Peace Peace
Bharat Gohil

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