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  Eleven Vows


Gandhiji learnt the principle of bread-labour from Tolstoy. It means that we should earn our living by manual labour. Needs of the body should be fulfilled through bodily labour.

Lethargy is harmful. Body needs exercise. Productive labour will give the exercise and also add to the society?s wealth. While living, we take many things from our environment. It is our duty to contribute to its replenishment. Thus, it is everybody?s duty to do productive labour. It will establish dignity of labour. Inequalities and class distinctions will be abolished.

There would be equitable distribution of wealth. Conflicts in the society would be reduced, as the gap between manual and intellectual labour often leads to conflicts. Bread-labour will thus establish social unity and social harmony. It will enrich manual jobs as well as intellectual work.

Bread-labour helps reduce the impurities within. It makes easier the practice of Brahmacharya.Gandhiji thought bread-labour essential for a truthful man. It should be consciously done. Agriculture is ideal for bread-labour. Everybody should be his own scavenger. One can do spinning regularly.

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