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  Eleven Vows


For Gandhiji, Brahmacharya includes celibacy, but is much more than that. It means a way of life devoted solely to the realisation of Truth. For this, one should have pure love for all without any attachment. Attachment is against true love.

Sexual energy should be used for higher purposes. It should not be wasted for temporary pleasure. In fact, all the senses should be controlled. We should have mastery over ourselves.

Gandhiji believed that the narrow meaning given to ?Brahmacharya? has caused harm. Trying merely to control sense organs is futile. It is impracticable and worthless. We should have control over all the senses and thoughts all the time, in all the respects. Mind should follow our dictates.

Brahmacharya must be observed in thought, word and deed. One should be over-alert.
It is not possible to practice non-violence without Brahmacharya. Brahmacharya frees one from anger, greed, and attachment. He becomes selfless. He gains power over himself. Gandhiji wanted this power to be used for man?s development, for social service and for social change.

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