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  28 Pillars

Pillar 2

2) Bapu's Triumphant life (1920 - 1948)

1-8-1920 :
The giving up of the Kaisar-E-Hind medal.

Nov 1920 :
The establishment of the Gujarat Vidyapith at his auspicious hands.

16 Aug 1921 :
Giving up the shirt and cap and decided to put on only the ‘Langoti’ ( A piece of simple cloth as an under garment upto the knee)

10 March 1922 :
Arrested for writing three ‘treason articles’ in ‘Young India’.

19 March 1922 :
Imprisonment for six years, autobiography in Gujarati during the period of imprisonment.

Dec 1923 :
The setting up of the ‘Hindustan Seva Dal’ (The Indian Service Corps).

5 Feb 1924 :
Unconditional release from jail due to bad health.

18 Sep 1924:
The beginning of 21 days’ fast as an atonement of the Kaunhat religious strife.

Dec 1924:
For the first time as the President of the Congress in the Belgaum session.

12 March 1930 :
Historical Dandi Kuch (Salt March).

3 April 1930:
The breach of the Government rule by producing salt at Dandi.

5 May 1930:
Arrested at night. Irwin declaration.

25 Jan 1931:
Gandhiji and 30 other leaders released.

Gandhi - Irwin pact.

26 Aug 1931:
Starting for England to take part in conference.

4 Jan 1932:
The re-beginning of the Satyagraha-Ban institutions - Gandhiji arrested.

20 Sep 1932:
The beginning of the historical fast-unto-death in the Yeravda prison against the declaration of separate franchise for the depressed.

8 April 1933:
21 days’ fast for self—purification. Release from the prison on the same day.

25 April 1933 :
The successful end of fasting in ‘Parnakuti’.

20 Jan 1948 :
A bomb-throwing in the prayer meeting but no damage.

30 Jan 1948 :
The pilgrimage to the infinite.

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