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dinesh patel --member secretary,kirtimandir sanchalan samiti porbandar.
Mahatma gandhiji janma sthal kirti mandir sanchalan samiti-porbandar thanks a lot for creating such a beautiful,informative and interesting web site on kirti mandir.i shall again contact you for seting up some audio-video section at kirtimandir very soon.


fantastic job man...great. Nice to c that somebody is working on our very own people's stuff

Excellent Site...No words are enough to appreciate....Good wishes in further prospects of this website.
TOO much of patriotism is coming out of the site. Was Gandhiji really so great ? Where is his contribution in Indian Politics on this site ? The info is half cooked, should have had a convincing tone. Not just plain narrative.
Hi folks....I respected Gandhiji a lot. He is a very great person India has ever given to the world. He is the one who actually understood the main problems of India - Litarcy and Popullation. He understood that women has significant role to play in all mail dominated sector. So he always encouraged their active participation in his movements. His biography is utterly a treat to mind. The site reflects all these things. The home page pict. is TOO GOOD.
Site is no doubt good. But horribly lcks in CONTENTS. I think u guys want to put it all sweetie pie Stuff about gandhi. There is nothing new what we can learn new from this site. Put something that is not anywhere on the net.
EXCELLENT SITE.... Though Gandhi was the largest misinterpreted person in Indian freedom struggle and politics, such sites will clear Gandhi's image from those controversies. But I'm dissaponted to find less info on those issues.
gopinatha rao
Very good site on the whole net. Liked it very much.Lot of things I got to know from this particular site.keep it up. Good Job- Gopi

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