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  Wisdom of Gurus

Those who realize the Self are always satisfied.
Having found the source of joy and fulfilment
they no longer seek happiness from the external world.
They have nothing to gain or lose by any action;
neither people nor things can affect their security.

( Hindu Holy Book )

Through selfless service,
you will always be fruitful and find fulfilment.
This is the promise of the Creator.

( Hindu Holy Book )

"No worldly delight is comparable to the delight
that will fill your heart when you completely
abandon all hopes and desires. "

( Hindu Epic )

"Inwardly be free of all hopes and desires,
but outwardly do what needs to be done.
Without hopes in your heart, live as if you were full of hopes.
Live with your heart now cool and now warm, just like everyone else.
Inwardly give up the idea "I am the doer,"
yet outwardly engage in all activities.
This is how to live in the world,
completely free from the least trace of ego."


"Those who seek their own pleasure
and ignore the needs of others have wasted their lives.

Strive constantly to serve the welfare of the world;
by devotion to selfless work one attains the supreme goal of life."

( Hindu Holy Book )

"God demands nothing less than complete self surrender
as the price of the only real freedom worth having.
And, when we lose ourselves,
we immediately find ourselves in the service of all that lives.
It becomes our joy and recreation. We are a new person,
never weary of spending ourselves in the service of God's creation."


"Someone who practices only bhakti yoga is like a blind man
who cannot see where to go,
and in his enthusiasm wanders off in the wrong direction.
Someone who practices only gnana yoga, on the other hand,
is like a lame man who can see the distant destination but,
because his knowledge remains only theorectical, makes no progress towards it. However, if the love and enrgy of the bhakta is combined with the wisdom and discrimination of the gnani, seekers are sure to reach their destination."


There exists something that
cannot be described.

( Hindu Epic )

"A poor devotee points to the sky and says,
"God is up there."
An average devotee says,
"God dwells in the heart as the Inner Master."
The best devotee says, "God alone is and everything
I perceive is a form of God."


The moon is one, but on agitated
water it produces many reflections.
Similarly untimate reality is one,
yet it appears to be many in a mind agitated by thoughts.

( Hindu Epic )

What can be gained by thinking about the scriptures ?
What fools ! They think themselves to death with information about the path,
but never take the plunge !


Truth is no theory, no speculative system of philosophy, no intellectual insight.
Truth is exact orrespondence with reality.
For man, truth is the unshakeable knowledge of his real nature, his Self.


"The supreme truth is established by total silence,
not logical discussion and argument.

He alone sees the truth who sees the universe without the intervention of the mind,
and therefore without the notion of a universe."

( Hindu Epic )

Bodies come and go like clothes.


Self-knowledge cannot be gained until everything is renounced.
When all points of view are abandoned, what remains is the Self.
Even in the world you do not get what you desire until all obstacles are removed.
This is even more true of self-knowledge.

( Hindu Epic )

"There is no one here
except the Lord of Love.
Only He exists.
In truth, He alone is."

( Hindu Scripture )

"The stupid man looks at his body and says, "This is I."
The more learned thinks, "This is I" of his personality.
But the wise man knows the true Self, saying, "I am the Eternal."
He is individual, though without seperateness. He has dissolved the "I" in Pure Consciousness.

Liberation cannot be achieved except through perceiving
the identity of the individual spirit with the universal Spirit.
Atman and Brahman are identical. Their essence is pure Consciousness."


The ultimate Conciousness
is always present everywhere.
It is beyond space and time,
with no before or after.
It is undeniable and obvious.
So what can be said about it ?


If you would swim on the bosom of the ocean of Truth,
you must reduce yourself to a zero.


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