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This house was purchased by Mahatmaji?s great grandfather Shri Harjivan Raidas Gandhi from a lady belonging to Porbandar in the Vikrarn Savant 1883 (1777 a.d.), that is some two hundred years back. Gandhiji?s grandfather, Shri Uttamchand Gandhi, added one more storey and it became a two storeyed building. In course of time, changes took place in the structure as the necessity arose but at the time of Gandhiji?s birth this house had already become a three storeyed building. Between the birth place and the open space, there is a verandah under which some three hundred-years-old water tank is found. This tank is nearly fifteen feet deep, twenty feet long and ten feet broad. There is a provision of storing in it the clean rain water falling directly from the terrace. This way a year round arrangement is made for sweet water for the purpose of drinking, cooking, etc. in the city which is right on the sea shore (where generally, there is a shortage of sweet water). In the right side of the small room into which the door of the tank opens there is a small room which was Putlimea?s kitchen. This old and large house is pukka (sturdy) structure made of the famous Porbandar-white-stone. The wood used in durable and valuable. Also the carving on the wood is beautiful. The carved ventilators of stone is a beautiful piece pf ancient art.

The room where Gandhiji was born has the Swastika (a symbol of good omen according to the Hindu scriptures) exactly on the spot of birth and above the spot there is a tricolour oil painted picture of Mahatmaji in which he is seen spinning on a wheel.

On the opposite wall there is an impressive picture of Gandjiji?s father Shri Karamchand Gandhi and an imaginary picture of his mother Mataji Putlimaa. In those days it was against the tradition to keep pictures of ladies, so the painter has drawn the picture of Putlimaa out of thinking, observing and hearing about her. Inside the room of the birth there is another room. Gandhiji?s grandmother Laxmimma lived in it. She passed her time in this room singing devotional songs and worshipping according to the Vaishnav (the oath of Lord Vishnu) cult.

At the age of seven Gandhiji went to Rajkot with his father for further study but mother Putlimaa stayed behind in Porbandar. After the death of Laxmimaa Candhiji?s father called his family to Rajkot and from then on he became a Rajkot resident.

At the little age of twelve Gandhiji married Kasturbaa. A small pandal was set up in the open space, right in front of the birth place. In those days the space was not floored but was kept neat and clean, well clayed and regularly swept.

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