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  Kirti Mandir

Pujya Mahatma Gandhijis memorial which has been constructed in seven hundred square meters near his own original birth place is known as Kirti Mandir. It is a unique specimen of modern architectural art in 1947. The foundation stone of this attractive monument was laid by shri Darbar Gopaldas Desai, the then Congress president of Saurashtra. After that ceremony, the philanthropic, industrial wizard, sheth shri Nanjibhai Kalidas Mehta got constructed this majestic memorial spending rupees Five lacs and dedicated to the nation.Then Late Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the iron man and the true son of India declared it open for the people of India and abroad on the auspicious morning of 27th May, 1950.

The height of this attractive specimen of art and carvings is seventy nine feet from top to bottom. This Height of the monument is the symbol of Pujya Gandhiji's life span at the time of his assassination. Pujya Bapu breathed his last on 30th January 1948 at 5.17 P.M., Pujya Gandhiji's whole life was spent in the struggle for freedom and also for the eradication of poverty superstition and for removing the darkness like bad customs and for blind faith prevalent in the country. As a symbol of his sincere efforts seventy nine lighted lamps made of clay have been beautifully arranged on the summit of this huge monument.

This Kirti Mandir as Mahatmaji wanted, has not turned into a temple of any one religion and also it has not become the place of any one religion, nor has it become the place of worship and rituals of particular seet so far that enough awareness has been maintained by the donor. The life - size portraits of Pujya Gandhiji's and Pujya Kasturba have been placed under the dome. They are in the shape of an open book giving the message of truth and non violence.

The two words; truth and nonviolence have been inscribed in bold letters below these portraits instead of keeping incense, small lamp, sandal wood, and a garland of flowers for worshiping near these images. This is the uniqueness of the gorgeous monument, Kirti Mandir.

With the constructions of Hindu, Buddha and jain temples the artistic parts of the Church, Parsi agiari and Mosque have also been mingled with them. This arrangement manifests Pujya Gandhiji's respect love and equal tolerance to all religions of the world. Ever the spinning - wheel and Takti come to our notice as the symbol of nationalism and patriotism.

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