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  28 Pillars

The Birthplace of Pujya Mahatma Gandhiji (Sudamapur, also known as Porbandar) has paid befitting tribute to one of the greatest sons of India.It is in the form of the Gandhi Memorial (Kirti Mandir) which is a place reverberating with the ETERNAL SPIRIT OF GandhiBapu. It is a place which has a distinct sanctity of its own. It is, in fact,embodying the powerful principles upon which the greatest religions are founded.These principles were followed sincerly by Gandhiji.

In the pages to follow,we bring forth the 28 pillars of Bapu's life which will inspire the whole of mankind for ages to come.

As one enters, one finds a large marble chowk (square). On all four sides of the chowk there are 28 twelve feet high marble pillars on which many sentences spoken,written or preached by Gandhiji are written in Hindi.These sentences are printed here in order of the pillars.

The counting of pillars starts from the two pillars depicting Bapu's life (Gandhijiki Jivani). These pillars are near the oil-painted picture of Gandhiji. Standing in the chowk in front of the picture, there is Mahatmaji's favorite Bhajan - Vaishnavjana ( written by a well known saint-poet , Narsinh Mehta, of Gujarat ) on the right side. This pillar is counted as number three. There are totally twenty-eight pillars, twenty-six in the chowk and two
flanking the pedastal.

The writings are carved in the marble pillars and the carving is filled in with lead. This makes the writings easy and nice to read. Some visitors show their eagerness to note down these writings.

Now you can experience to a great extent the Power and Glory of GandhiBapu...........

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